Marshall Islands Prepare National Climate Change Framework Policy

23 November 2010: The Marshall Islands are preparing a national climate change framework policy (NCCFP) to provide a blueprint to build resilience to climate change, in partnership with the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) Climate Change Programme, the Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change project of the Global Environment Facility (GEF)-UN Development Programme (UNDP), the Pacific Adaptation Strategies Assistance Programme and the Pacific Islands Applied Geosciences Commission.

The NCCPF aims to foster and guide action to address current and short, medium and long term effects of climate change, ensuring to the greatest possible extent that the quality of life of the people of the Marshall Islands and opportunities for sustainable development are not compromised.
Following a series of consultations and workshops, the five strategic goals of the NCCPF are to:
strengthen the enabling environment for climate change adaptation and mitigation, including sustainable financing; adapt and reduce risks for a climate resilient future; ensure energy security and a low-carbon future; ensure disaster preparedness, response and recovery; and provide education, awareness-raising and community mobilization whilst being mindful of culture, gender and youth.

It is anticipated that the full implementation of the NCCPF, including related costs, will be addressed through development of a climate change and disaster risk management national action plan, and that the partnership with international and regional partners constituted for the development of the NCCFP will continue. [SPREP press release]