Many Strong Voices Develops Ecosystem-Based Adaptation Project

MsvMay 2013: Many Strong Voices (MSV) is developing a project on ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) to climate change, which is a priority area for MSV in 2013. The aim of this project is to reduce vulnerability to climate change by supporting an EbA methodology that integrates scientific and local/traditional knowledge.

Case studies will be carried out in communities in Belize and Seychelles. Work carried out to date includes field visits in both countries to meet with potential partners and assess local conditions. This  project seeks to formalize a methodology that combines evidence-based, scientific data with community knowledge and experiences, and empower communities to make informed choices on how to reduce vulnerability to climate change.

MSV was launched in 2005 to bring together the people of the Arctic and small island developing States (SIDS) to confront the challenge of climate change, as they share characteristics of vulnerability and resilience, and both of their environments are sensitive to the impacts of climate change. MSV helps bring coastal communities in these regions together to take collaborative action on climate change mitigation and adaptation at the local, national and international levels, and to share their stories and experiences with the world. Along with its engagement at international negotiations and outreach activities, such as the Portraits of Resilience photo project in high schools, MSV works directly with communities in the SIDS and Arctic to build local resilience through projects that address, inter alia, community-based relocation, sustainable energy and food security.

MSV is managed by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) GRID-Arendal and the Center for International Climate and Environment Research - Oslo (CICERO). Partners include communities, organizations and governments in the Caribbean, Indian Ocean, South Pacific and Arctic. [Publication: Grid Arendal Marine Newsletter April 2013] [Many Strong Voices Website] [IISD RS Story on MSV Release of Paper on Ecosystem-based Climate Change Adaptation in Caribbean SIDS] [IISD RS Guest Article "We Need Many Strong, United Voices to Combat Climate Change"]