Leading Group on Innovative Financing for Development Holds Eighth Meeting

17 December 2010: The Eighth Plenary Meeting of the Leading Group on Innovative Financing for Development was held in Tokyo, Japan, from 16-17 December 2010, and was attended by over 180 representatives of 56 countries, 20 international organizations and 18 groups.

Participants held discussions on innovating development financing in connection with health, climate change, poverty and food security, among others. The Leading Group expressed the desire for the G20 to focus more on innovative financing in its "development" agenda and pledged to conduct several technical studies. A new working group on "health" was also established.

Participants also endorsed the Chair's report, according to which the Leading Group in 2010: shared experience on existing initiatives like the proceeds of carbon dioxide emissions trading and looked forward to creating new initiatives; and discussed the report of the High level Advisory Group on Climate Change financing submitted to the UN Secretary-General. Mali was chosen as the next President of the Leading Group. [Japan Press Release] [Leading Group Press Release][Chairman's Report]