Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee Publishes Report of 20th Meeting

24 February 2010: The report of the 20th meeting of the Joint Implementation (JI) Supervisory Committee (JISC) is now available on the JI website. This meeting took place from 23-24 February 2010, in Bonn, Germany, and considered matters relating to the operation of JI.

At the meeting, the JISC appointed Benoît Leguet and Muhammed Quamrul Chowdhury as the new Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively. In addition, Fatou Gaye was appointed to continue to serve as the Chair of the JI Accreditation Panel, and Agnieszka Gałan was appointed as the new Vice-Chair.

The JISC then considered other issues, including matters relating to: accreditation of independent entities; determination and verification reports; the JI management plan and resources for the work on JI; and collaboration of the JISC with others. Regarding the accreditation of independent entities, the JISC considered the Accreditation Panel's recommendation and agreed to accredit Det Norske Veritas Certification AS (DNV) for the determination and verification functions in specified sectoral scopes.

The JISC also took note of the information and analysis prepared by the UNFCCC Secretariat on: the concept of materiality for JI projects; standardization of JI specific approach; guidance on multi-project emission factors; and further guidance on deviation during project implementation from a determined project design and/or monitoring plan. The JISC then agreed that it would work further on the concept of materiality in determinations and verifications, as well as deviation during project implementation from a determined project design and/or monitoring plan, with a view to adopting new or revised procedures pertaining to these items before its 24th meeting. It also agreed that the remaining priority areas will be discussed as time and resources permit following the development of guidance for these two items. [Meeting Report]