Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee Publishes Report of 19th Meeting

UNFCCC4 December 2009: The UNFCCC Secretariat has released the report of the 19thmeeting of the Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee (JISC), which was held from 3-4 December 2009, to consider matters pertaining to the operation of the Joint Implementation (JI).

On the accreditation of independent entities, the JISC considered the draft JI accreditation standard recommended by the JI Accreditation Panel, and agreed to launch a call for public inputs on the draft. The JISC also considered the fourth draft of a determination and verification manual (DVM) prepared by the Secretariat, and agreed to adopt the document as contained in Annex 4 of JISC 19 Report. The Chair of the JISC requested the Secretariat to disseminate the document to independent entities and other stakeholders. On areas for further guidance, the JISC considered the analysis prepared by the Secretariat on the impact on existing JISC documents of the inputs received on the development of a DVM. The JISC discussed priority areas and agreed in principle on the following priorities for further consideration: the concept of materiality for JI projects; standardization of a JI-specific approach; guidance on multi-project emission factors; further guidance on deviation during project implementation from a determined project design and/or monitoring plan; procedures for projects transferred from JI Track 1 to Track 2; further guidance regarding demonstration of additionality; stakeholder consultation process; and preparation of a monitoring report template. The JISC also requested the Secretariat to prepare a discussion paper on the first four issues for further consideration at its next meeting, with a view to discussing the remaining issues at subsequent meetings. The JISC further considered: matters relating to determination and verification reports; the development of definitions, forms, guidelines and procedures for JI programmes of activities; and collaboration of the JISC with others. [JISC 19 Report]