Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee Publishes Report of 18th Meeting

UNFCCC26 October 2009: The Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee (JISC) has published the report of its 18th meeting, together with related annexes. JISC 18 took place from 22-23 October 2009, in Bonn, Germany, to consider matters relating to the operation of Joint Implementation (JI).

During the meeting, the JISC considered matters relating to: accreditation of independent entities; determination and verification reports; the management plan and resources for the work on JI; the revision of the provision for the charging of fees; and collaboration of the JISC with others. On the development of a determination and verification manual (DVM), the JISC considered the third draft of a DVM prepared by the Secretariat, together with the summary of inputs from a call for public inputs on the second draft DVM. The JISC then requested the Secretariat to prepare a fourth draft DVM, in consultation with five JISC members/alternate members, taking into account the JISC's consideration of the third draft, and also requested the Secretariat to undertake a legal review of the draft. The JISC further requested the Secretariat to consult with the JISC Chair and Vice-Chair to decide the scope of the review, and after the review, submit the reviewed draft to the JISC for its consideration at JISC 19.

On revisions to JISC documents relevant to a DVM, the JISC discussed and revised the language contained in draft documents presented by the Secretariat, and adopted the following documents, as contained in the indicated annexes: guidance on criteria for baseline setting and monitoring (version 02) (annex 2); provisions for JI small-scale projects (version 03) (annex 3); guidelines for users of the JI project design document (PDD) form (version 04) (annex 4); guidelines for users of the JI PDD form for small-scale projects and the form for submission of bundled JI small-scale projects (version 04) (annex 5); and guidelines for users of the JI land use, land-use change and forestry PDD form (version 04) (annex 6). The JISC also considered the development of definitions, forms, guidelines and procedures for JI programmes of activities (PoA), amended the third draft of the JI PoA procedures, and adopted the JI PoA procedures as contained in annex 7. The JISC also agreed on and adopted the following documents relating to the JI PoA procedures: JI PoA design document form, which will be applied provisionally until the CMP has adopted it in accordance with the JI guidelines (annex 8); guidelines for users of the JI PoA design document form (annex 9); and glossary of JI terms (version 02) (annex 10).

The JISC also considered a draft report of the JISC to the CMP, and agreed to submit the draft report, after necessary editorial changes, to the CMP for consideration at its fifth session in Copenhagen in December. It also agreed on the provisional agenda for JISC 19, to be held from 3-4 December 2009. [UNFCCC announcement] [JISC 18 report]