JISC Deems Final the PDDs of JI Projects in Lithuania and Ukraine

14 August 2009: The determinations regarding two Joint Implementation (JI) project design documents (PDDs) have been deemed final. This is pursuant to decision 9/CMP.1 (JI guidelines), which provides that a PDD determination shall be deemed final 45 days after the date on which it is made public, unless a request for its review is submitted by a party involved in the project or three members of the JI Supervisory Committee (JISC).

The review request period for the JI project “Landfill methane capture and flaring at Yalta and Alushta landfills,” which is being hosted by Ukraine, ended on 9 August. The same period for the JI project “Sudenai and Lendimai Wind Power Joint Implementation Project,” which is being hosted by Lithuania, ended on 13 August. The determinations regarding the two projects have therefore been deemed final. [UNFCCC news release for Ukraine project][UNFCCC news release for Lithuania project][JI Final Determinations]