JI Supervisory Committee Publishes Report of 17th Meeting

© COPYRIGHTFOTO14 September 2009: The Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee (JISC) has published the report of its 17th meeting, which took place from 10-11 September 2009, in Kiev, Ukraine. At the meeting, the JISC considered various matters relating to the operation of Joint Implementation (JI).

On the accreditation of independent entities, the JISC adopted the draft version 05 of the procedure for accrediting independent entities by the JISC (JI accreditation procedure), which was recommended to it by the JI Accreditation Panel (JI-AP) in response to the request by JISC 13. The JISC also considered the shortlist of experts to replace outgoing JI-AP members, presented to it by the UNFCCC Secretariat, and selected the following experts as members of the JI-AP for a two-year term starting on the first day of the JI-AP's 20th meeting, to be held on 9-10 November 2009: Takashi Otsubo; Anastasia Moskalenko; and Pierre Boileau.

Regarding revisions to JISC documents relevant to determination and verification manual (DVM), the JISC considered the analysis of the call for public inputs on the contents of a DVM presented by the UNFCCC Secretariat, and agreed on priority areas to consider further, including: a grace period for the use of approved Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) methodologies; and partial use of approved CDM methodologies under the JI specific approach.

In addition, the JISC also considered matters relating to: determination and verification reports; the development of a determination and verification manual (DVM); the development of definitions, forms, guidelines and procedures for projects under the JI programmes of activities; the JI management plan and resources for the work on JI; collaboration of the JISC with others; and the elements for the annual report of the JISC to the COP/MOP. [UNFCCC News Release][JISC-17 Report][JISC-17 Webcast]