JI Project Obtains First Final Verification

1 December 2008: The determination of the emission reductions achieved by the “Utilization of Coal Mine Methane at the Coal Mine named after A.F. Zasyadko” Joint Implementation (JI) project has been deemed final. This is the first final verification pertaining to a JI project.

The verification procedure under the JI Supervisory Committee, also

referred to as the “Track 2” procedure, is the determination by an

independent entity of whether a project and the ensuing emission

reductions or removals meet the relevant requirements and guidelines.

This project was hosted by Ukraine. The other parties involved were

Japan, the Netherlands and Switzerland. 331,093 tons of carbon dioxide

equivalent emission reductions were verified, and the crediting period

is 1 January 2008 to 31 December 2012. [JI Press Release] [Project Details]