ITU Urges ICT Industry and Standards Leaders to Reduce their Carbon Footprint

Global Standards Symposium meets in Johannesburg

21 October 2008: Speaking at the International

Telecommunication Union (ITU) Global Standards Symposium, held on 20 October

2008, in Johannesburg, South Africa, Malcolm Johnson, ITU Telecommunication

Standardization Bureau Director, called on the information and communication

technology (ICT) industry to play its role in addressing climate change.


underlined that the challenge for the ICT industry to limit its emissions is

also its “biggest ever opportunity in terms of corporate social

responsibility.” The Symposium brought together ICT industry and standards leaders,

who were urged to commit to specific programmes to limit their emissions of

greenhouse gases, reduce their carbon footprint and help ensure the

environmentally-friendly expansion of the global communications network.


the Symposium, participants reached broad agreement on the need for action to

streamline standards work and to end the duplication of efforts within the

sector. Other issues discussed included: increasing developing country

participation in the standards setting process; accessibility to ICTs for

persons with disabilities; and the need for a standardized approach for

measuring the impact of ICTs on greenhouse gas emissions reductions. [ITU Press

Release] [The

Global Standards Symposium]