ITTO Plan Includes Actions on Climate Change

ITTO Plan Includes Actions on Climate Change 6 January 2009: The International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) has made available its Action Plan 2008-2011, adopted by the International Tropical Timber Council at its 44th Session, held in November 2008. The Action Plan elaborates a strategy for advancing ITTO's objectives, and as such, provides guidance on the Organization's overall direction in terms of both policy initiatives and project activities.

Related to climate change, the Plan includes activities such as: in

cooperation with other organizations, monitoring the potential

implications of climate change on the forest resource base and the

relevance and appropriateness of policy developments in this field; and

regularly assessing and reporting on markets for forest environmental

services, including carbon markets, as they relate to tropical timber

producing forests. One of the Plan's strategies for implementation consists of: including

restored, rehabilitated and planted forest in the sustainably managed

resource base; taking non-timber forest products and environmental

services into account as part of sustainable forest management; and

considering the impacts and opportunities that will accrue from climate

change. [ITTO Action Plan 2008-2011]