ITTO Organizes Regional Forum on Wood-Based Bioenergy

Asia Pacific Regional Forum on Promoting Wood-Based Bioenergy Using Wood Residues and Waste 17 October 2008: The Asia Pacific Regional Forum on Promoting Wood-Based Bioenergy Using Wood Residues and Waste, which was held from 14-17 October 2008, in Jakarta, Indonesia, was organized by the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO).

The Forum brought together representatives from ten countries and aimed to raise awareness of decision makers on the technical and economic potentials of using logging residues and wood-processing wastes for energy generation, thereby increasing resource utilization and energy efficiency in ITTO producing member countries in Asia Pacific. Topics addressed during the Forum included: opportunities for improving energy security through wood-based bioenergy; potential use of wood residues for the co-generation of energy in wood industries to increase the cost-effectiveness of their operations; use of wood-based bioenergy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; the needs of wood-based bioenergy sector through sustainable forest management; and the development of an efficient and cost-effective wood-based bioenergy sector in Asia Pacific, including the transfer of appropriate technology and investment. [Forum Website]