IRRI’s “Rice Today” Articles Highlight Climate Change Adaptation

March 2010: The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) has released the January-March edition of "Rice Today." This issue features three articles that address climate change issues.

In "Adapting to Change," Savitri Mohapatra highlights the work of the Africa Rice Center to develop climate-resilient rice varieties, noting the success of the Stress-tolerant Rice for Poor Farmers in Africa and South Asia (STRASA) project in 17 countries. He also describes a new project by the Africa Rice Center to study the relationship between rice disease and climate change.

In his "Grain of Truth" editorial, Reiner Wasserman describes discussions regarding the agricultural sector at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference and underscores the mitigation potential of irrigated rice fields.

In "Climate Change and Supply Concerns Dominate World Rice Conference," V. Subramanian describes presentations on rice production and climate anomalies at the World Rice Conference, which took place from 27-29 October 2009, in the Philippines. [Rice Today]