IPCC report to be presented at World Water Week


June 2008: The latest IPCC Technical Paper on Climate Change

and Water will be presented at World Water Week, scheduled to take place from

17-23 August 2008, in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Co-operative Programme on Water and Climate, the German

Federal Ministry of Environmental Cooperation and Development, the German

Federal Ministry for the Environment, the Nature Conservation and Nuclear

Safety, the Stockholm International Water Institute and other participating

organizations will organize a two-day Water and Climate session to address the

scope of the changing climate's impact on human development and the complex but

central role water plays in adapting to those changes. Aside from the IPCC

Paper's presentation, a panel discussion on the implications of those findings

on policy implementation will be held. Building on the theme of the 2007-2008

Human Development Report, a two-part seminar will take up “Climate-Proofing

Water and Development Strategies” and include a panel discussion on political implementation

featuring ministers from Africa,

Asia, Europe and Australia.

Other key topics to be covered include vulnerability, adaptation projects,

climate and water impacts on drinking water, groundwater and agriculture, and

regional perspectives. [World Water

Week website]