IPCC Produces Introduction to the IPCC 2006 Guidelines

IPCC 2006 Guidelines 21 August 2008: The IPCC National Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Programme (NGGIP) has produced a short introduction to the IPCC 2006

Guidelines, entitled “Primer.” This Primer is suitable for users of the 1996

guidelines who wish to understand the changes in the new 2006 Guidelines and to

start using them, and for those who are compiling inventories for the first time.

The NGGIP has also produced short brochures introducing the NGGIP itself,

the 2006 Guidelines and the Emission Factor Database (EFDB). In addition, the

website contains material to assist inventory compilers, such as a list of

Frequently Asked Questions and presentations made by the Technical Support Unit

about the guidelines and greenhouse gas inventories. [Guidelines]