IPCC Chair Pachauri Addresses the Costs of Mitigation Actions

8 September 2008: In an editorial published in The

Australian, Rajendra Pachauri, Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate

Change (IPCC), highlighted that, according to the IPCC's Fourth Assessment

Report, costs of mitigation actions are not high. “In fact, one of the

scenarios assessed, which would stabilise average temperature increase in the

world to between 2C to 2.4C, would cost the world no more than 3 per cent of

the global GDP in 2030,” he writes.

Pachauri also underlines that mitigation

actions provide several co-benefits, such as higher energy security, lower

levels of local pollution with improved health benefits, and the possibility of

additional jobs, particularly through decentralized energy production in

several rural areas of the world. The IPCC Chair also expresses hope that, as a

result of the present economic downturn, the world will look seriously at the

fundamental reasons behind some of the problems it is facing. He said that many

of them stem from untrammeled growth based on increasing consumption of fossil

fuels without regard for the environmental effects of such a strategy.

“Only a

small price to tackle emissions” in The Australian