IPCC Calls for Review of the Draft WGIII Contribution to the Fifth Assessment Report

IPCC25 February 2013: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has announced that the review period for expert and government review of the second order draft of Working Group III's contribution to its Fifth Assessment Report (AR5)  will run from 25 February-22 April 2013.

Working Group III of the IPCC focuses on mitigation of climate change, and seeks to represent a balanced assessment of mitigation options in its report. The Group's report for AR5 is subject to a multi-stage review process, consisting of: scientific expert review of the first order draft; expert and government review of the second order draft; and government comments on a draft Summary for Policymakers.

In the first stage of review, the IPCC announced that Working Group III received over 16,000 comments from 610 reviewers in 57 countries. These comments and responses, along with those to be collected in the subsequent review phases, will be published with the drafts following the release of the final report. [IPCC Press Release]