International Symposium Adopts Declaration on Climate Change and Food Security in South Asia

29 August 2008: The International Symposium on Climate

Change and Food Security in South Asia, which met from 25-30 August 2008, in

Dhaka, Bangladesh, and was co-sponsored by Ohio State University, the World

Meteorological Organization, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the UN

Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, the University of

Dhaka and the Government of Bangladesh, adopted a Declaration and

recommendations towards minimizing the short- and long-term vulnerability of

the South Asian region to climate change.

The Declaration recognizes that

agriculture is both suffering from and contributing to climate change and

recalls that small-scale subsistence farming is particularly vulnerable to the

impacts of climate change. Key recommendations include: creating a Climate

Change and Food Security network in South Asia and establishing a South Asia

Climate Outlook Forum; stimulating multi-disciplinary research and identifying

effective mitigation and adaptation options; strengthening cooperation among

academic and research institutions, international organizations, and

non-governmental organizations to boost human resource development and capacity

building; innovative financial mechanisms to scale up support for adaptation

efforts; promoting mitigation and adaptation through payments for ecosystem

services such as carbon trading; and strengthening regional mechanisms for

implementation of location-specific adaptation and mitigation practices. The

declaration further urges development partners and the private sector to fund

programs that reflect these recommendations and advance food security in South

Asia. [The

declaration] [Symposium