International Potato Center Releases Report Highlighting Biodiversity and Climate Priorities

July 2011: The International Potato Center's (CIP) Annual Report presents a strategy for enhancing impacts and case studies from priority regions and issues. 

The priory areas relate to the different potato growing regions in the tropical and subtropical highlands, in sub-tropical lowlands, in temperate Asia, in Sub-Saharan Africa, and in Asia. Each of these areas faces different threats and constraints to sustainable development and food security. Other priority areas relate to global programmes to sustain genetic resources; accelerate genetic enhancement; and understand complex systems. Particular challenges relate to predicting climate change impacts on insect pests. The report describes the role of wild potato genes in combating the late blight. Many of the priority relate to developing potatoes more resilient to the impacts of climate change through the use of wild potato genes, biofortification, and choosing appropriate species. The report describes case studies from each of these regions and priority areas. [Publication: International Potato Center: Annual Report 2010]