International Potato Center Describes Success of Improved Potato Varieties

13 April 2011: The International Potato Center (CIP) has released a news release that outlines improved food security due in part to late blight resistant potato varieties, Pallay Poncho and Puka Lliclla, developed by CIP.

The release notes the success of these two varieties following an outbreak of late blight disease in January-February 2010. The development of the potato varieties began with a participatory varietal selection in 2003 following an outbreak in a high altitude community, and fears that climate change would increase the spread of the disease across the country. After five years of selection and trials, the two new varieties were released by the Peruvian National Institute of Agrarian Innovation. The improved varieties are grown alongside local varieties and act as insurance in the event of disease outbreak.

CIP is a member of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). [CIP Press Release]