Inter-African Parliamentary Conference to Focus on Climate Change, Food Security and Aid Effectiveness

European Parliamentarians for Africa August 2008: The Parliamentary Forum on Sustainable

Development and Aid Effectiveness will take place in Nairobi, Kenya, from 26-28

August 2008, and will focus on climate change, food security and aid

effectiveness. The event will bring together African parliamentarians and

experts, as well as members of parliament from Europe and Japan.

The Forum is

organized by the Association of European Parliamentarians for Africa (AWEPA) in

cooperation with the Pan-African Parliament, the East African Legislative Assembly

and the Kenya Parliament, and is supported by the UN Environment Programme and

other UN agencies. During the Forum, in response to the challenge presented by

global warming and the threat it poses to achieving the UN Millennium

Development Goals, the AWEPA will launch the African-European Parliamentary

Dialogue on Sustainable Development and Climate Change, involving African

parliamentarians and global and regional parliamentary networks. The Dialogue

will be continued through sub-regional seminars and national workshops

throughout Africa and Europe, leading to the Copenhagen climate meeting at the

end of 2009. [Forum