IMO: World Maritime Day for 2009 to Focus on Climate Change


20 June 2008: During its one hundredth Session, which took

place in London, UK, from 16-20 June 2008, the International Maritime

Organization (IMO) agreed that the theme for the 2009 World

Maritime Day would be “Climate change: a challenge for IMO too!”

IMO Secretary-General Efthimios E.

Mitropoulos said the choice of the theme would provide the IMO with the

opportunity to “focus on an urgent issue of global dimensions and thus

galvanize action at all appropriate levels of the Organization to add IMO's

contribution to world efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and, thus,

present to next year's climate change conference in Copenhagen a robust

position, reflecting the Organization's determination to respond to its

responsibilities decisively and effectively.” A

parallel event for the celebration of this day will be held in the US in 2009.  [IMO

press release, 24 June 2008]