ILO Study Calls for Paving the Way to a Green Economy

March 2009: The International Labour Organization (ILO) has released “The Financial and Economic Crisis: A Decent Work Response,” which examines current rescue efforts in 32 countries, including all members of the G20, and notes that demographic projections suggest that nearly 90 million net new jobs would be needed over 2009-2010 to absorb new entrants in the labor market and avoid a prolonged jobs gap. The study calls for enhanced cooperation among key international organizations and a reprioritization between these goals, to, inter alia: pave the way for a green economy; and enhance the Green Jobs agenda, considering that green technologies tend to be more job-rich than their carbon-intensive counterparts.

Rather than adopting protectionist measures, the authors argue that reorienting industries towards greener technologies can support their long-run viability and underscore the importance of synergies between investments in clean technologies and job creation, as recognized through the creation of the Green Jobs Initiative. The authors also provide some examples of green investments and job creation as a response to the financial crisis. [The Publication]