ILO Releases Report on Skills for Green Jobs

October 2011: The International Labour Organization (ILO) has released a publication, titled "Skills for Green Jobs: A Global View," examining the experiences of 21 developed and developing countries in providing training to meet the new demands of a greener economy. The report highlights both the importance of skills development to "unlocking the employment potential of green growth," and the reality of current skills shortages, which are becoming an obstacle in realizing this potential.

The report finds that countries need to be equipped with coherent strategies to bring together energy, environment, education and skills development objectives, policies and ministries, in order to adapt to climate change, and shift to clean and sustainable production and consumption in ways that maximize creation of decent work. It also indicates that while the net employment effects of greening the economy are estimated to be positive, carbon-intensive industries are expected to lose jobs. Retraining and skills upgrading will be needed to make a successful transitions from old industries and occupations to new, greener ones. According to the ILO, targeting training initiatives to segments of the population typically at a disadvantage in the labor market will be key to a successful transformation.

The report recommends that countries devise strategies based on informed policy decisions, social dialogue, and coordination among ministries and between employers and training providers. [Publication: Skills for Green Jobs: A Global View]