ILO Outlines Approach to Climate Change Adaptation

ILO6 December 2011: The International Labour Organization (ILO) has released a working paper titled "Towards an ILO Approach to Climate Change Adaptation," which is the joint effort of the Employment Intensive Investment Programme and the Green Jobs Programme. The paper explores the implications of climate change, its impacts on the world of work and the need for the work of the International Labour Office to adapt to it.

The paper explores the social and labor market dimensions of adaptation in order to help policy makers and planners develop a people-centred and holistic approach. It also presents the ILO's contributions to socially inclusive adaptation, to creating opportunities for the labour market and enterprises, and to protecting the most vulnerable and their livelihoods. It is an initial effort to discuss the significance of the Decent Work Agenda for climate change adaptation, the ILO's current contribution and needs for further development. [Publication: Towards an ILO Approach to Climate Change Adaptation]