ILO Initiative to Aid Transition to Green Business

5 June

2008: The International Labour Organization (ILO) rolled out its Green Jobs

Initiative, aimed at easing the transition to green business and jobs, on World

Environment Day. Speaking about the Initiative, Juan Somavia, ILO

Director-General, said “green

growth and avoiding dangerous climate change depend on greener enterprises and

green jobs.”


added that green growth can drive sustainable development if green jobs are

decent jobs, and said “A decent work approach includes: the promotion of green

enterprises and green jobs; active labour market policies which combine social

security for displaced workers with skills development to help enterprises and

workers to adapt and seize opportunities; work that is clean and safe for

workers and the environment; and respect for workers' rights that give freedom

including to engage in social dialogue which is key to shaping effective

responses.” The ILO has

undertaken the Initiative in cooperation with the UN Environment Programme

(UNEP) and the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), and seeks, with

the Initiative, to promote environmentally sustainable jobs and development. [Message

of Juan Somavia on World Environment Day] [UNEP

summary of the Green Jobs Initiative ]