ILO identifies climate change as a strategic challenge ahead

13 June

2008: The International Labour Organization's (ILO) Conference convened for its

ninety-seventh session from 28 May-3 June in Geneva, Switzerland. In a report

submitted to the Conference entitled

“Decent Work, Some Strategic Challenges Ahead,” ILO Director-General Juan Somavia recognizes that, although the

organization does not have a mandate on climate change per se, the changes in the economy will impact employment.

In the report, the

Director-General outlines the ILO's work in this area, from environmental

crisis reconstruction to green jobs and sustainable

enterprises. In addition, the Report

to the Conference for the year 2007–08 highlights the Green Jobs

Initiative, which aims to link development and job creation to environmental

sustainability. The Report also indicates that in 2007, the ILO began

offsetting carbon emissions associated with official ILO air travel. [Decent

Work: Some Strategic Challenges Ahead] [ILO programme implementation