ILO Director-General Highlights Cooperatives’ Role in Confronting Climate Change


5 July

2008: On the occasion of the fourteenth United Nations International Day of

Cooperatives, celebrated on 5 July 2008, Juan Somavia, Director-General of the

International Labour Organization (ILO), delivered a message on confronting

climate change through cooperative enterprise.

In his

message, the Director-General stressed that cooperatives represent an important

global network that can play a key role in meeting the climate change challenge

through promoting energy

efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. He explained that the values central

to cooperatives, such as the importance of dialogue at all levels, solidarity,

or the establishment of sustainable enterprises, will be essential in the

transition towards creating green and decent jobs. Somavia also stated that “cooperatives can lead us closer towards

a democratic, people-centred economy which cares for the environment, while

promoting economic growth, social justice and fair globalization.” [The statement] [Slideshow]