ILO Conference Addresses Role of Green Jobs as a Driver for Environmental Protection

© ILO8 June 2009: During the 98th session of the International Labour Conference of the International Labour Organization (ILO), taking place in Geneva, Switzerland, from 3-19 June 2009, the committee of the whole held a discussion on the role of green jobs in the current economic crisis as a driver for economic recovery, environmental protection and creation of decent work opportunities for all.

During the discussion, participants addressed ways of making jobs and environment crises a joint opportunity. They recommended that stimulus packages should include investment in infrastructure and the greening of industries designed to maximize opportunities for the generation of decent jobs. They further recognized the crucial role played by carbon taxes and other tools in stimulating investment in renewable energy. In this respect, they recommended that these tools be combined with social dialogue, and labor and social policies to address distributional concerns and facilitate political acceptance. Participants also stressed the need for assistance and technology transfer to support a smooth shift to green industries in developing countries.

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