ILO Addresses “Climate Change and the World of Work”

9 June 2009: On the sidelines of the 98th Session of the International Labour Conference, taking place from 3-19 June 2009, in Geneva, Switzerland, the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Danish Government co-organized a side event on “Climate Change and the World of Work.”

The event aimed to: raise awareness among ILO constituents and policy makers about the impact of climate change on the world of work; identify key elements of coherence between environmental/climate and social policies; and discuss the role of ILO constituents with respect to climate policies and the contributions they can make through their respective mandates and institutions, in particular in the current context of economic crisis. Also during the event, the ILO launched two publications: the Green Jobs Programme of the ILO; and a technical brief titled “The Social and Decent Work Dimensions of a New Agreement on Climate Change.” [Side Event Website][The Green Jobs Programme of the ILO] [The Technical Brief]