ILO’s New Global Jobs Pact Urges a Shift to a Low-Carbon Economy

© ILO19 June 2009: The International Labour Conference of the International Labour Organization (ILO), which took place from 3-19 June 2009, in Geneva, Switzerland, concluded with the adoption of a new "Global Jobs Pact," which underlines the need to include green jobs and green technologies in the recovery packages and policies.

The Pact stipulates that the “decent work response to the crisis” should contribute to “a fair globalization, a greener economy and development that more effectively creates jobs and sustainable enterprises, respects workers' rights, promotes gender equality, protects vulnerable people, assists countries in the provision of quality public services and enables countries to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.” In order to accelerate employment creation, jobs recovery and sustaining enterprises, the Pact recommends increasing investment in “green” production and services. In order to shape a fair and sustainable globalization, it further urges a shift to a low-carbon, environmentally-friendly economy that will help accelerate a jobs recovery.[The Global Jobs Pact][Meeting Website]