ILO’s Global Employment Trends Report 2009 Recommends Low-Carbon Growth

Unemployment, working poor and vulnerable employment to increase dramatically due to global economic crisis

28 January 2009: The International Labour Organization (ILO) has released the Global Employment Trends Report 2009, which examines the impact of the economic crisis on jobs and possible future scenarios.

In the section on “Policy Concerns,” the report underlines the need to focus measures on vulnerable groups in both developed and developing countries and for multilateral action within the framework of the UN system with an integrated economic, social and environmental outlook. Green jobs are identified as a key area in this context, as the transformation of economies towards more sustainable production and consumption patterns, from clean energy, to product recycling to adaptation to climate change, could generate decent work opportunities and contribute to reducing environmental impacts of production and consumption. The report therefore recommends that policies be aimed at creating low-carbon, employment-intensive, poverty-reducing growth. It further underscores that, in order to achieve this, a coherent approach by governments, employers and workers is required, with finance and an international legal system encouraging clean development and green jobs. [The Report]