IFPRI Releases Report on Monitoring and Assessing Impacts of Global Food Crises

GLOBAL FOOD CRISIS. Monitoring and Assessing Impact to Inform Policy Responses September 2008: The International Food Policy Research

Institute (IFPRI) has released an advance copy of its report entitled ‘Global

Food Crises: Monitoring and Assessing Impact to Inform Policy Responses.'


report seeks to support national decision makers and international development

agencies in acquiring information and applying methods for understanding the

likely effects of a global food crisis on their country, and acting to

alleviate the risks and exploit the opportunities brought about by such crises.

It describes data and methods and suggests how to facilitate their collection

and use.

The report provides insight on the information and analytical tools

that national-level decision makers need to assess the risks and opportunities

posed to their country and citizens by a global food crisis, to determine how

they might respond to those risks and opportunities, and to identify ways to

monitor the impact of the food crisis and the effects of policy responses. [The Report]