IFPRI’s Joachim von Braun Calls for Better Integration of Food Security and Climate Change Agendas

Joachim von Braun director general of the International Food Policy Research Institute 11

July 2008: In a comment on the G8 leaders' statement on global food security,

Joachim von Braun, Director General of the International Food Policy Research

Institute (IFPRI), welcomed the proposed actions regarding global markets and

increasing food production, while criticizing the lack of actions on social

protection and nutrition for the poorest.


that high food prices cause the poor to limit food consumption leading to

irreversible consequences for their health, he called for well designed safety

net programs. On biofuels he said, given that biofuels are estimated to account

for about 30% of the increase in grain prices between 2000 and 2007, the G8 did

not address short-term measures such as freezing or reducing biofuel production

levels or introducing a moratorium on biofuel production until prices come down

to reasonable levels. He further recommended that the strategy for the way

forward should include a package of actions to address current emergencies, as

well as a package of actions that would bring resiliency into the food system

and prevent another crisis, which includes better connecting the G8's food

security and climate change agendas. [The Comments]