IFAD Supports Food Security and Rural Development in Niger

19 January 2012: The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) has signed a loan with the Government of Niger to assist in improving food security and rural development in the Maradi Region of the country.

The US$22.2 million loan agreement places a strong emphasis on small-scale farmers, and sets out to increase production and assist in price setting to ensure that farmers generate a profit and that products are affordable for consumers. The project will also assist in improving living conditions and building resilience of the rural households in the area as well as better nutrition in the region. It is set to be implemented in 18 communes in the region, benefiting over 65,000 households in a region whose population is made up of 51% women and 49% youth.

The project, IFAD's tenth in the region, will provide relief in the region that relies on unpredictable rainfed agriculture and that is at the epicentre of  chronic malnutrition and food crises, which are increasingly exacerbated by rising populations, climate change and food price volatility. The project is also in line with the Niger Government's top three priorities, which include domestic food and nutritional security. [IFAD Press Release]