IFAD President Urges Scaling Up Support to Smallholder Farmers to Address Food Crisis



June 2008: Lennart Båge, President of the International Fund for Agricultural

Development (IFAD), told the High-Level Conference on World Food Security, at

its 3-5 June 2008 meeting in Rome, Italy, that “complacency” with food

surpluses has led to underinvestment in agriculture, for which the world is now

“literally paying the price.” Drawing attention to the under-utilized capacity

of smallholder farmers, he called for investments in rural agriculture,

including: improved access to essential inputs, such as seeds and fertilizer;

microfinance institutions; rural infrastructure; market linkages and access to

market information; and food processing.


that the current trend in rising food demand will require a sustained,

long-term and well-coordinated response, he urged countries to support IFAD in

scaling up its activities by significantly increasing their contributions to

IFAD's upcoming replenishment. [Statement]


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