IEA Warns Four Degree Temperature Rise Increasingly Likely without Rapid Progress on Decarbonizing Electricity

IEA12 February 2013: A new International Energy Agency (IEA) book, titled “Electricity in a Climate-Constrained World,” indicates that electricity is the largest source of CO2 emissions in the energy sector, with coal dominating electricity generation. The report presents the most current statistics and analysis illustrating the imperative of reducing emissions from electricity generation to avoid catastrophic climate change.

The book states that new trends in emission increases indicate that a four-degree temperature increase is becoming more likely unless rapid and radical changes in energy consumption take place. In light of this observation, the book's chapters cover: saving electricity in a hurry; how to make a "smart" internet-surfing microwave oven go to "sleep"; financing our low-carbon future using state-owned enterprises and their domestic financial base; managing policy interaction in the electricity sector for low-cost climate response; tracking clean energy progress in the electricity sector; the role of electricity storage in providing electricity system flexibility; going from deregulation to decarbonization of the electricity sectors; a proposal for an emissions trading system for China's power sector; potential for bio-electricity in Brazil from sugarcane biomass residuals; and bioenergy with carbon capture and storage: the negative emission concept.

A data section provides information and statistics from around the world related to decarbonising electricity. [IEA Press release] [Executive Summary]  [Publication: Electricity in a Climate- Constrained World]