IEA Releases Technology Roadmap for Cement Industry

4dic_09_023 December 2009: The International Energy Agency (IEA), in cooperation with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Cement Sustainability Initiative, has released a new publication titled the "Cement Technology Roadmap 2009: Carbon emissions reductions up to 2050," as part of its Technology Roadmap series.

The report offers a detailed plan to achieve 18% carbon dioxide emissions reduction in the cement industry by mid-century, in efforts to illustrate to other energy and emissions intensive sectors what is possible with concentrated international cooperation.

Ultimately, the series will cover a total of 19 energy technologies, divided between supply and demand side applications, with the aim of enabling energy technology development to gain momentum in order to confront global sustainability and energy security challenges. The reports address technical, legal, policy, economic and organizational aspects of advancing development of these respective technologies.

The cement roadmap outlines targets and milestones to achieve the 18% targeted reduction, the financial and technical changes necessary, as well as the stakeholders and actions key to enabling these advancements. Primary findings include that, although cement will remain a key infrastructural component, current options to meet growing demand are not sufficient and greater international cooperation is needed to ensure that advancements are made in a timely, sustainable manner. [IEA Press Release][The Cement Technology Roadmap]