IEA Releases Data and Analyses on Electricity and Climate Change

27 May 2011: The International Energy Agency (IEA) has published a report titled “Climate and Electricity Annual 2011 - Data and Analyses,” which contains a collection of analyses considering global and regional trends in electricity supply and demand in relation to the decarbonization challenge posed by climate change.

The piece contains analytical contributions on technology and policy that cover, among others: electricity market design for decarbonization; a comparison of funding options for energy efficiency; retiring coal-fired power plants; renewable energy and climate policy interaction; electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles and their long-term energy demand; and carbon dioxide and fuel switching, and the value of econometrics for policy makers. In addition to these analytical pieces, the IEA Climate and Electricity Annual 2011 provides statistics related to carbon dioxide and the electricity sector across ten regions. This report represents the first in a new IEA annual series aimed at raising the profile of electricity in the climate change challenge. [IEA Press Release] [Summary] [Publication: Climate and Electricity Annual 2011 - Data and Analyses]