IEA Publishes Synthesis Report on Promising Energy Technology Initiatives

28 May 2010: The International Energy Agency (IEA) has published a report synthesizing the most significant advancements in new energy technologies made through its 42 multilateral technology initiatives, called Implementing Agreements, titled “Energy Technology Initiatives: Implementation through Multilateral Co-operation.”

The report begins by outlining recent trends in its Implementing Agreements, which focus on government-industry partnerships in policymaking and national research and development programmes in IEA countries. The report then summarizes its cross-cutting Implementing Agreements, which focus on: the diffusion of climate-friendly technologies and practices amongst member and non-member countries; energy technology research exchange; and energy technology system analysis for policymakers.

The report then features a number of one-page overviews of current and completed initiatives, highlighting successful projects end-use technology projects in the following areas: buildings; electricity; industry; transport; fossil fuels; fusion power; and renewable energies and hydrogen. The report moves on to list government research and development budgets before closing with answers to frequently asked questions and a list of sources for further information. [The Report]