IEA Publishes Review of Turkish Energy Sector

23 July 2010: The International Energy Agency (IEA) has released the latest in its series of policy reviews, titled “Energy Policies of IEA Countries – Turkey 2009 Review,” which contains evaluations and recommendations of Turkish energy framework policies, sectoral policies and technologies. 

The report notes that significant progress has been made in all areas of Turkish energy policy, including increases in low-carbon energy technology. However, it stresses the challenges facing this sector as the IEA member country with the fastest growing medium-long term energy demand. The report underscores that energy diplomacy is a key instrument of Turkish energy policy, as Turkey imports nearly all of its oil and gas, with needs in these areas expected to double in the next decade. Additionally, enormous investments in electricity and natural gas will be needed to accommodate growing demand. Two of the report's recommendations are specifically related to climate change, namely: to intensify improvements in energy efficiency; and to consider an overall emissions target in the continued development of Turkey's post-2012 climate policy regime, once its costs and benefits have been fully evaluated. [IEA Press Release] [Publication Website] [Summary]