IEA Publishes Review of Poland’s Energy Policy

2 March 2011: The International Energy Agency (IEA) has released the latest in its series of policy reviews, “Energy Policies of IEA Countries – Poland 2011 Review,” which breaks down its investigation into sections on general energy policies, sectoral policies and energy technologies.

The report commends efforts to enhance energy security in Poland, but notes that the best way to continue this work in the future is to invest heavily in energy efficiency, especially in the building and transport sectors, as well as diversifying energy supplies away from coal, which currently provides 55% of the overall energy supply and 90% of electricity generation. The report also recommends that Poland integrate its climate and energy strategies to achieve the dual goals of energy security and environmental sustainability in the most effective way, namely by minimizing conflicting and overlapping policies.

The IEA endorses Poland's nuclear ambitions, with three plants to be built by 2030 and the first to come online in 2022, but recommends that energy policy put more emphasis on promoting competition to make the energy markets more efficient. [IEA Press Release] [Executive Summary] [Publication: Energy Policies of IEA Countries – Poland 2011 Review]