IEA Publishes Norway’s Energy Policy Review

15 March 2011: The International Energy Agency (IEA) has released the latest in its series of policy reviews, titled “Energy Policies of IEA Countries – Norway 2011 Review.” The report breaks down its investigation into sections on general energy policies, sectoral policies and energy technologies.

The report's main message is that Norway will find it challenging to continue. through conventional means, its high performance on lowering domestic carbon dioxide emissions. This is largely a consequence of Norway's low domestic carbon footprint, due largely to exploitation of hydropower, and its status as a major fossil fuel exporter. The report notes that, due to high revenues from oil and gas exports, Norway is particularly well-placed to invest in developing new solutions to achieve greater energy efficiency and use of renewable energy. [Executive Summary] [IEA Press Release] [Publication: Energy Policies of IEA Countries – Norway 2011 Review]