IEA Publishes Fifth Technology Roadmap on Wind Energy

3dic_09_0730 November 2009: The International Energy Agency (IEA) has published the fifth report of its clean energy technology roadmap series on wind energy, which aims to provide input to negotiators at Copenhagen as they attempt to develop the optimal solution for climate and energy policies.

Ultimately, the series will cover a total of 19 energy technologies, divided between supply and demand side applications, with the aim of enabling energy technology development to gain momentum in order to confront global sustainability and energy security challenges. The reports address technical, legal, policy, economic and organizational aspects of advancing development of these respective technologies.

The "Technology Roadmap: Wind Energy" bases its recommendations and assessments on the goal of achieving 12% global electricity generation from wind power by 2050, requiring an average of 47 gigawatts to be installed annually over the next four decades and an annual investment increase of 75% over current levels. The report discusses, inter alia: the rationale for investing in wind energy; actions and milestones envisioned for its development, deployment, delivery and integration in energy systems; policy frameworks; and possibilities for international cooperation. [Technology Roadmap: Wind Energy][IEA Technology Roadmaps Website]