IEA Paper Outlines Model Regulatory Framework for Carbon Capture and Storage

1 November 2010: The International Energy Agency (IEA) has published a paper titled “Carbon Capture and Storage Model Regulatory Framework” that attempts to address regulatory challenges to enabling rapid expansion and scale-up of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology.

The paper deals particularly with the need to address long-term stewardship of CCS sites in regards to public health, environmental soundness, and security of CCS projects. It builds the IEA's 2009 publication “Technology Roadmap: Carbon Capture and Storage” by providing a tool for governments to use in developing national CCS plans and frameworks that addresses all stages of the CCS chain, from carbon dioxide capture, to its transportation and storage. Specifically, it summarizes and then details 29 areas of regulatory concern, and provides examples of how the specific issues have been dealt with in existing frameworks in various national contexts. Finally, a “Model Text” is provided to guide policymaking on CCS. [The paper][Climate-L coverage of Technology Roadmap: Carbon capture and storage]