IEA Paper Explores Development of Energy Efficiency Indicators in Russia

January 2011: The International Energy Agency (IEA) has published a paper titled “Development of Energy Efficiency Indicators in Russia,” which details two years of IEA's work ­together with Russia's Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) on energy efficiency.

The report underscores that the potential for efficiency increases in Russia are so high that they have been labeled a significant “energy reserve.” It highlights recent overall trends in Russia, current available data and data gaps. It then discusses the usefulness and limitations of indicators such as energy intensity. The report is broken down into five chapters each discussing an end-use sector, namely industry, residential, services, private transport, and freight transport.

Stating that one cannot control what one cannot measure, the report urges the Russian Government to continue efforts to develop high quality, but not overly complicated indicators to enable long-term improvements in energy efficiency. The report indicates that because energy efficiency affects numerous governmental jurisdictions, it would be helpful to create a cross-governmental working group to coordinate goals and actions. [The Paper]