IEA Ministerial Recognizes Role of Energy Sector Reform for Mitigation

IEA20 November 2013: The International Energy Agency and six partner countries – Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa – have released a joint declaration announcing their intention to enhance cooperation. IEA Member Country Energy Ministers also released a statement on the importance of energy sector reform to mitigating impacts from climate change.

Announced duirng its Ministerial Meeting, which took place from 19-20 November 2013, in Paris, France, Ministers discussed strategies to deal with the current shifting energy landscape and geopolitics impacting energy markets. Specific topics included increased global energy demand, new energy production, shifting supply and consumption centers, energy security, energy efficiency, and sustainable development and inclusive growth.

In their statement on climate change, ministers supported four energy policies proposed by the IEA to keep climate goals alive without harming economic growth, namely: adopting targeted energy efficiency measures for buildings, industry and transport; where coal must be used, encouraging construction and use of highly-efficient coal power plants; minimizing methane release from oil and gas production; and rationalizing and phasing out fossil fuel subsidies while providing targeted support during the process for the poor. [IEA press release] [Joint declaration on partner country cooperation] [Joint statement on climate change]