IEA Holds International Workshop on Energy Efficiency Strategies

Innovations in National Energy Efficiency Strategies and Action Plans 21 October 2008: The International Energy Agency (IEA), the European Commission and the European Energy Network hosted an international workshop in Paris, France, on 21 October 2008, on “Innovations in National Energy Efficiency Strategies and Action Plans.” The workshop aimed to encourage the development of high-quality energy efficiency strategies and plans that lead to significant improvements in energy efficiency.

The workshop provided an international forum for energy efficiency policy professionals and decision-makers to exchange information on the lessons learned, and identify innovations in national energy efficiency strategies development, implementation and review. Specifically, the workshop identified innovations and good practice with respect to the process of development of national energy efficiency strategies, including: ex-ante evaluation and stakeholder engagement; the use of goals and targets; the structure and context of national energy efficiency strategies; the measures and programmes proposed; ensuring quality implementation; and strategy/action plan monitoring and evaluation. Participants also considered, among others, challenges in: designing operational national energy efficiency strategies; matching targets and instruments; linking between national and regional government strategies; public dialogue and sectoral strategies; and accountability and evaluation of strategies. A working paper capturing the key findings of the workshop will be produced. [Workshop Website]