IEA Executive Director Calls for a “Clean Energy New Deal”

23 February 2009: In a speech delivered at the “Global Korea 2009 - Korea in a Reshaping World” conference, International Energy Agency (IEA) Executive Director Nobuo Tanaka stressed the importance of investment for energy supply and clean energy technologies, and international cooperation for energy efficiency and clean energy technology diffusion.

He noted that 97% of the projected increase in emissions between now and 2030 will come from non-Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development countries and that, while progress is needed to achieve some emissions reductions, technological reductions, efficiency gains and deployment of existing low carbon energy will account for most of the savings. He underlined that huge investment in power plants and energy efficiency will be required to shift onto a 450ppm trajectory. He then outlined the IEA's 25 energy efficiency policy recommendations across seven priority areas: across sectors; lighting; transport; buildings; industry; appliances; and utilities. In conclusion, Tanaka highlighted that current energy trends are unsustainable, and a major decarbonization of the world's energy system through significant emission reductions in all regions and technological breakthroughs is needed. He underscored that the current economic stimulus packages provide an opportunity for a cleaner and more secure energy future, and called for a “Clean Energy New Deal.” [The presentation]