IEA Deputy Director Stresses Mitigation Potential of Energy Efficiency

IEA31 July 2012: In an interview for the documentary "Switch," which explores what role energy will play in the future, International Energy Agency (IEA) Deputy Executive Director Richard Jones cautions that emitted carbon dioxide will reach 1,000 parts per million, equating to a 6 degree Celsius global temperature increase, if energy polices do not change.

Emphasizing that no single solution will combat climate change and address energy challenges, due to global diversity, Jones advocates a cradle to grave analysis of energy solutions while immediately working on improving energy efficiency. He observes that over half of all carbon dioxide reduction emissions can be achieved through energy efficiency savings using technology available today. In the interview, Jones also addresses advantages and disadvantages associated with solar power, carbon capture and storage, nuclear power, hydro power and emerging energy technologies. [IEA Press release] [Switch Interview]